Mars Global Data Sets
Name: TES Thermal Inertia Nightside 2007 (Putzig & Mellon)
Version: 2007
Resolution: 20ppd
Scale: 3kmpp
Projection: Simple cylindrical, -180E to 180E, 90N to -90N, 'ocentric
Layout: Single file
Total Size: 7200x3600 pixels
Details: Colorized thermal inertia from NASA MGS/TES. 20 ppd/3km.
Citation: Putzig, N. E., Mellon, M. T., 2007. Apparent thermal inertia and the surface heterogeneity of Mars, Icarus, 191, 68-94, doi: 10.1016/j.icarus.2007.05.013
Download global map with title bar and scale bar: JPG
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